Launch of the new prio Holostele at the Siemens Mobility Business Conference 2017!


For one day, the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Munich acted as the ideal space for the trend-setting Siemens Mobility Business Conference. Prio acted as full-service agency, digital pioneer for stage set-up and innovative partner to Siemens Mobility!

A business conference, award ceremony and evening event made fans of even the last skeptics. Siemens showed courage in its use of the unique prio holostele and earned 100% approval for the newly-tested stage design embedded in the audience. Their energizing use of the hologram stele created an unprecedented closeness between speakers and audience. Presenters threw an analog object into the stele, which was brought to life as an animated, holographic digital twin or message!

Emotionalized, strategic messages float freely in the space as a realistic image visible from every angle. The design frees presenters and audience members from the constraints of classic stage design and encourages interactivity.