BSH Top Club


BSH Hausgeräte is a company that understands success has to do with its people. It honors their top 120 sales people yearly. prio Event Management makes Top Club unforgettable by creating the incentive program over 3 days from hotels to events to tours to gala dinners and entertainment. After their hard work, they deserve to feel like the true VIPs they are.

St. Petersburg

BSH honors their top 120 sales people yearly. Some of the highlights: the Russian Cossack dancers, the ballet dancers and oh yes, the vodka. Did we mention the vodka?


Getting a dose of history mixed with hip is how we made the top salesforce from BSH feel honored. They were the kings and queens for the gala event at the ever beautiful Orangery Palace in Sanssoucci.


Of course there were belly dancers, but also breakdancers to live baglama entertaining the top sales people force at BSH.