Extraordinary General Meeting 2020 OSRAM Licht AG

1st digital EGM

On November 3rd, we held the Extraordinary General Meeting 2020 of OSRAM Licht AG without the physical presence of shareholders or shareholder representatives at the Munich headquarters, the World of Lights. Prio as general contractor, experienced in handling general meetings and digital events for DAX companies, accompanied OSRAM at its first virtual general meeting in the company’s history.

We designed the World of Lights to look like a temporary television studio, in order to transport expressive, digital content for shareholders at home with our technical partners. The general meeting was streamed live on the user-friendly shareholder portal, through which all shareholders could take part in the general meeting. We were responsible for developing the WebApp for OSRAM together with a specialist for GM management. All components of a general meeting from voting to external connections of the board of directors were digitally integrated via the application. The result was a serious live AGM experience for the investors. Questions from shareholders and shareholder representatives could be submitted in advance. During the live stream these were all answered by the board.

prio also produced the media design from clips and films, in a professional design for digital communication, optimized for streaming events.

During on-site production, we took on the technical planning, directed all the trades and coordinated our technical partners from light, sound, video and HD streaming technology in real time with mobile high-speed internet.

In order to comply with the legal requirements of a general meeting digitally, there was close coordination in advance between the sequence control and the legal department and investor relations. The subject of the Extraordinary General Meeting was the control and profit transfer agreement with ams AG, which was approved.