New digital event – eye-catcher!

The prio Holostele

The chic prio holostele creates new opportunities for your event! Whether yours is a company merger, management conference or product presentation, a 3D hologram eyecatcher makes products, objects and animated sequences with text three-dimensional and allows them to float freely in space. The 3D hologram is a true-to-life image and visible from all sides. This frees you from the classic stage design and encourages interactivity! Want an example? Toss a real match into the prio holostele and impress your guests with digital fireworks!

media production € 10,000.00 Depending on concept, effort and number of media files
stele rental € 12,500.00   for 2 event days,
including 1 trial day
transport and handling € 3,500.00   company takes care of assembly and disassembly, integration into the video art
Total € 16,000.00

Kosten und Nutzen des Hologramm Eye-Catchers hier herunterladen.

Download benefits and rough cost calculation of the hologram eye-catcher here.