Purpose Days Telefónica Germany

Virtual World

As general contractor, prio Event Management staged the digital Purpose Days for the employees of Telefónica Deutschland. From April 13 to 15, 2021, the event was streamed live from the O2 Tower in Munich.

The virtual Purpose World, in which up to 2,700 participants met at the same time, contained three main components: the interactive 360° video arena, the Purpose Stage with live presentations by the board members and the 3D walk-in Purpose Room for the extended content after the Purpose Days.

The Purpose Days were held under the new claim “We democratize access to a sustainable digital future to create a better everyday life for all” and could be experienced via desktop PC and mobile devices.

Our agency took over the conception, planning and realization and created all media productions in-house for the digitally animated environments of the live stream speeches of the board members. The participants were able to communicate with each other and ask questions during the speeches via a specially programmed chat.

The Purpose Room, designed by prio, consisted of seven company areas that employees could walk through and experience in a similar way to an exhibition stand. The furnishing elements of the areas with 3D views from all sides provided company knowledge in the form of videos, PDFs or embedded website links when clicked. During their virtual experience walk, the visitors distributed Likes to the objects where the input was characterized by added value from their point of view and was successful in its presentation.

The Purpose Days were a new conceptual digital experience for all of our client’s employees, thanks to the elaborately designed virtual world. The usage figures for the Purpose Room show that interest remains high even after the actual event. So all in all: a great success for us and Telefónica – emotional and sustainable.