Philip Morris International Press Conference 2017


May 2017 gave us a chance to show how professional and well-positioned we are. Within 10 days – an ambitious timeline – we organized an extensive press conference at a PMI Dresden production hall.

The press conference was preceded by a staff meeting where employees were thrilled to hear that the Dresden workforce would be getting a new plant to produce the “IQOS” innovative tobacco heating system. PMI’s innovative product heats real, pulverized tobacco instead of burning it and enables smoke-free smoking.

Special guest was the former prime minister of Sachsen Stanislaw Tillich who presented IQOS with Stacey Kennedy, President, South & Southeast ASIA Philip Morris International. Journalists had a time slot to gather their needed information and get impressions of the IQOS store concept, which was build up in a temporary showroom style.

The press conference highlight was the prio-planned hologram presentation of the new plant! The hologram was displayed in a large stage construction along with various corporate design elements. The effect was a complete success.