Siemens Mobility Business Conference 2019

Move On

The annual Siemens Mobility Business Conference attracted this time with its international participants in the middle of the Spanish capital Madrid! The Meliá Castilla hosted the 280 guests of the SMBC and also served as conference venue.

Looking back on a successful financial year and setting the course for the future were the main topics. In terms of staging, “Audience Engagement” once again was the task for the concept designers at prio. This year, we put on interactive LED bracelets, each associated with a specific guest. As a result, the guests could be “highlighted” individually and in different group constellations.

On the evening of the conference, the event venue shifted in the Finca Las Jarillas with an authentic Spanish garden reception. As part of this evening event, the Innovation, Cash and Safety Awards were presented as a token of esteem. As a grand finale, all guests in the garden of the finca seized upon the stars. The result was a big picture which showed what makes a team: every single person is part of the whole.